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The IV Element Health & Fitness | Medical

124 Central Ave
Whitefish , MT 59937
(503) 396-6314
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124 Central Ave. Whitefish, MT 59937
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Janna Hibler · Owner, Medical Director

about us

Helping you Be the Best you with IV Therapy, Vitamin Shots, & Nutrition for Performance, Recovery, Energy, and Immunity. We’re on a mission to help you THRIVE by restoring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With close to 10 years in practice, our Medical Director has seen lives transform, heal, and reverse disease by giving the body what it needs, and removing the obstacles. The IV Element promotes comprehensive lifestyle changes, and the nutrients in our IV Therapy, Vitmain Shots, and Meal Plans will help you get there! DR. HIBLER’S 7 ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Nutrition Movement Sleep Mindfulness Digestion Environment Connection Dr. Hibler ND, MS Nutrition is a firm believer in Food As Medicine, but what happens when your gut health is impaired? You might be eating all the right foods, and consuming all the right supplements, but if the integrity of your intestinal lining is compromised you may not be able to absorb all of it’s nutrients. Supplements and food intake can have as little as a 30% absorption rate; versus, IV Therapy has close to 100% absorption rate. Dr. Hibler experienced this first hand after she gave birth to her son. With a c-section infection, and a near death experience, it was only with weekly IV Therapy infusions that she was she able to regain her vitality. IV Therapy restores energy levels, boosts immunity, balances hormones, brain chemistry, enhances performance, speeds up recovery time, and repairs the gastrointestinal tract.