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Flathead Families for Responsible Growth

Flathead Families for Responsible Growth

Association/Not for profit

About Us

Our goal is to help guide responsible growth and development in the Flathead Valley! Why? To honor our safety, our quality of resources, and retain our sense of community and character.

It’s undeniable. Growth is necessary. Entities that stop growing—whether they’re individuals, companies or municipalities—languish and wither away. On the other hand, growth cannot be reckless and irresponsible. It must be thoughtful, well-conceived and organized.

As a community, we should be proactive in ensuring that our growth has these qualities and work together to identify solutions that strengthen our well-being and focus on preserving what keeps Whitefish special.

With so much building going on in Montana’s Flathead Valley, we rely on you to help keep us informed. Your incoming tips from Instagram, Facebook, and email enable us to do some fact-checking before we take on a project. Keep in mind, not all developers are alike! Some are doing a great job of developing with safety and community in mind. Others, well…that’s where we come in.

Check out our current initiatives brought to our attention by YOU – concerned citizens taking action to support responsible growth.


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