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Merie Productions

Merie Productions


About Us

Merie Productions is a Whitefish based production company specializing in live concerts, theatrical shows, interactive experiences, literary, music, recordings and multi media.

Merie Productions is dedicated to providing professional quality stage, television & film, media, literary projects for audiences worldwide. Merie Productions, founded in 2023, is also fiercely dedicated to philanthropy, activism, advocacy and arts education worldwide.

Merie Productions currently produces The Whitefish Summer Concert Series - a series of Tribute Concerts that sold out last summer with The Music of Fleetwood Mac and the Music of The Eagles. Merie Productions also produces The Whitefish Haunted House, both projects alongside and in collboration with The Whitefish Theatre Company. Merie Productions developed and produces shows for The Second Story Band - a 8 piece jazz band that performs on The Second Story at 101 Central (formerly Casey's) in downtown Whitefish.

Merie Productions is so happy and grateful to be asked collaborate with Jamie Goguen on shows for The Second Story and has a full list of concerts to produce at 101 Central in 2024. Merie Productions has a variety of concerts, media, literary and projects in the works, as well as performing arts education master classes and online courses in development. Merie, (pronounced Mary) is founder Meredith Patterson's childhood nickname. It is a unique spelling her late Mother made up from her full name Meredith. Merie is a name that sparks passion, creativity and innovation in Meredith to keep dreaming big and being fearless.


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Meredith Patterson

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