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About Us

Morrison-Maierle, Inc. is a Top 500 ENR firm providing professional services in engineering, surveying, planning and construction.

John Morrison and Joe Maierle met while working for the Bridge Division of the Montana Highway Department in the 1930s. Back then, Montana lacked interstates, bridges, and modern-day transportation systems. In fact in many parts of the state, transportation was nothing more than single-lane, dirt roads. Read more about our company here.

Conversations and collaborations at work made John and Joe realize they shared a common goal—they wanted to create solutions to help pull Montana “out of the mud.” So they put their passion to the test, and in 1945 built a start-up business housed in John’s home.

From day one at Morrison-Maierle, John and Joe decided their main goal was client satisfaction and the way they were going to achieve that was to create solutions that helped them build better communities. They approached their business like they built engineering projects—one step at a time and with integrity, commitment, respect, and excellence. These four words became our building blocks and symbolize the way projects are designed and clients are served today. As a result, Morrison-Maierle has been creating solutions throughout the western United States for more than 75 years.

From two engineers with deep commitments to communities, Morrison-Maierle has grown into a Top 500 Design Firm that is built on four core values. Our firm uses these building blocks to create solutions for airports, buildings, development, natural resources, industrial, surv


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