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Mountainside Lodging & Retreats

Mountainside Lodging & Retreats

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About Us

Welcome to Mountainside Lodging and Retreats, where we craft immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Nestled in the heart of Northwest Montana, our haven invites guests to reconnect with nature, discover year-round serenity, and forge lasting memories. Embracing the spirit of Montana's alluring landscapes, we provide a refuge where modern comforts seamlessly harmonize with the tranquility of the natural world.

Whether you seek a retreat amidst the vibrant colors of autumn, the pristine blanket of winter, the blooming beauty of spring, or the sun-soaked days of summer, Mountainside offers an unforgettable journey through all four seasons.

Committed to genuine hospitality, we strive to create a space where each visit is not just a stay but an enriching experience, leaving our guests refreshed, inspired, and connected to the timeless beauty of Mountainside.


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