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Physio Whitefish

Physio Whitefish

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About Us

Physio Whitefish is an out-patient orthopedic rehabilitation clinic offering hour long manual therapy sessions for the treatment of various musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain conditions.

I have stepped foot into several treatment centers throughout the course of my career and often notice the lack of attention given to the environment in these settings that are created for the sole purpose of healing the body. I know for myself, that I am not able to fully relax and succumb to the benefits of a treatment if the surroundings feel chaotic or if the practitioner seems rushed or frenzied. It is imperative to me as a clinic owner, that our patients feel as though they are walking into a soothing climate where they feel safe enough to release tension, share their story and trust their therapist to take their time in evaluating and treating their injuries.

I hope that I have accomplished this through careful design and by offering adequate treatment times for our patrons. I am also aware of the significant ways in which our diet can either facilitate or disrupt the healing process; therefore, I have opened a vegan cafe called Plantiful to make the healthy choice an easy choice for our patients as they enter or leave the space. Lastly, I love the sense of community that can take shape in a yoga studio. This inspired me to create Yogadana, which is a donation-based studio offering a variety of classes to promote togetherness, mindfulness, and movement. I hope the space that I have created is one where people can gather, grow, and recover their mind-body connection.


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