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About Us

WGM Group is a comprehensive planning and design firm, founded in Missoula in 1966 on a core of civil engineering services.
Since then, we’ve evolved as a comprehensive planning, design, and engineering firm with personnel in Missoula, Bozeman, Kalispell, Helena, Butte, and Hamilton. Our locations throughout Montana, innovative project approach, and work-life balance help us recruit and retain top-tier talent to best serve our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team brings expertise and creativity to projects involving community design, infrastructure, and natural resource management. We work closely with clients in the private and public sectors to offer fully integrated, successful projects from start to finish.

We are adept at all aspects of traditional civil engineering and much more. We help deliver water, move sewage, temper flooding, stabilize hillsides, and find ways to make the improbable possible. We build informed consent for complex projects and create places that define communities. We design streets and highways that are safer and more efficient. We help clients form partnerships to leverage funding, form Special Improvements Districts, and take advantage of Tax Increment Financing. We plan subdivisions that are sensitive to the land and conserve open spaces and wildlife habitat. We clean up and redevelop brownfields, reconstruct wetlands, and stabilize streambeds.

We are professionals working together to build better communities that are safer, healthier, and more sustainable places to live.


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